BEG - 1

Boasted Hall of Fame catcher Roy Campanella prior to his becoming a Brooklyn Dodger. Also known as the Baltimore Elite Giants.

CBE - 1

Featured player was Panell Woods, who played infield. He made the All Star Team in 1939 as a third baseman

BBB - 1

The Barons could claim, at various times in their history, such great players as a rookie named Satchel Paige, in 1927 the power hitting George "Mule" Suttles,the great pitcher William "Dzzy" Dismukes, and the Barons' greatest claim to fame, Willie Mays, who joined the Barons in 1948, stayed partway through the 1950 season, had a lifetime .263 batting average against Negro leagues pitchers.

DST - 1

One of the first teams that formed the Negro National Leaugue. The team on which future Hall of famer, Ray Dandrige (infielder), would play.

BRG - 1

A semi-pro team formed to challenge the Negro National League. The first team on which future Hall of Famer, Buck Leonard, would play

HGT - 1

Played in the first Negro World Series in 1927. Their opponent was the Kansas City Monarchs. Kansas City won.

BRG - 1

Boasted future Hall of Famers Rube Foster (catcher) and Oscar Charleston (outfielder). The team won three league championships and went to the Negro World Series twice between 1928-1934

HGY - 1

Won six consecutive Negro National League pennants (1939-1945) and two Negro World Series (1937, 1944). The team had three future Hall of Famers as players: Josh Gibson (catcher), Buck Leonard (infielder), and James "Cool Papa" Bell (outfielder).

INC - 1

A team that mastered the combination of showmanship and good baseball. In 1940 they had Reece "Goose" Tatum playing first base for the team, only to eventually lose him to the Harlem Globetrotters basketball organization. The team was known as the most innovatiove in Black baseball. For example, in 1953 the team signed a woman player, Toni Stone, who batted a very respectable .243.

KCM - 1

Won the first Negro World Series against the HIllsdale Club of Kansas. The team boasted Major Leaguers Jackie Robinson, Leroy "Satchel" Paige, and Hank Thompson. Robinson and Paige went on to the Hall of Fame.

MRX - 1

Boasted six All Stars on the 1941 team. The All Star plyaers included Neil Robinson (centerfield), Jelly Taylor (first base), Larry Brown (catdher), Dan Bankhead (pitcher), and Berdell Mathis (utility).

NEW - 1

First team to be managed by a woman, Effa Manley, from 1932-1948. Boasted Major Leaguers: Don Newcomb (Brooklyn Dodgers), Lary Doby (Cleveland Indians), Monte Irvin (New York Giants). The team also produced two Hall of Famers in Ray Dandridge and Monte Irvin.

NYC - 1

Boasted 1941 All Star centerfielder, Henry Kimbro. In the 1941 All star Game, Kimbro had three RBI's and two stolen bases.

NYC - 1

Team was made up of dark skinned Caribbean players. Boasted Hall of Famer Martin Dihigo (infilder/outfielder), induct ed in 1977.

PST - 1

Boasted Slick Fielding (shortstop) and Frank Austin. Austin played for the Stars from 1944-1948 and was elected to the All Star Team three times.

PCS - 1

Where legendary pitcher Leroy "Satchel" Paige began his rise to fame. Also, the team that banned Paige from baseball for the 1935 season over a salary dispute. In 1932, the crawfords had an incredible season on 99 wins and only 36 loses.

STS - 1

The first team on which Jamed "Cool Papa" Bell played. The year was 1922.

CXG - 1

The "X" was added so as not to be confused with the Cuban Giants from Trenton, New Jersey. The Cuban X Giants were barnstormers that played wherever they could. They were the first all-Black team from the US to play in Cuba in 1990.